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2nd Grader’s Class Drawing About Sharing Accidentally Spread Nationwide as Communist Propaganda

Little Susie Fisher didn’t know her adorable drawing of her and Ms. Wilson’s 2nd grade class handing out bag lunches to needy children would turn a nation upside down, but it did. Fisher, 7, brought home her artwork, for which she had earned a glittery star sticker, and handed it to her mother, Heather Johnson-Fisher, 31.

“I couldn’t believe it. My daughter was being taught these disgusting socialistic, communistic ideas where hardworking citizens were seeing their tax dollars go to these lazy, undeserving hungry children.”

Next, Johnson-Fisher did what she knew she had to do; she posted on social media for all the other moms in her gated community to see. Pretty soon, outraged, privileged women were calling for the removal of Ms. Wilson from her position at Meighbelle Academy. “If this is the kind of thing our kids are learning there, you can count them out! My kids will grow up learning to never just hand something to someone, and to never speak to someone less fortunate than’s just wrong to mix groups like that!” Commented one young mother on the post. In one week, the post had been shared over 90,000 times and Ms. Wilson has since been fired from her position as teacher and now works part-time at a Dairy Queen.

When Fisher was asked if she was pleased with the results of her actions, she replied “Absolutely. If my kids are taught that sharing with those less fortunate than you is OK, what are they going to grow up to be...Peace Corps volunteers?! I did the right thing, and now they will be their perfect, privileged selves growing up in a bubble, safe from outside dangers and thoughts.”

Johnson-Fisher now plans to write a children’s book about the experience and with her new 500,000 followers on social media, she expects sales to go very well.


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