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4 Flat Brimmed Caps to Let Others Know You Don’t Pay the Rent

Curved brim caps just aren’t your style. They get in your eyes and they just don’t communicate enough how little you contribute to the household. Your fashion solution: Flat-brimmed caps!

All-Black Cap

Paired with a fitted t-shirt and athletic shorts, this look will be the perfect outfit to play video games in all day while your girlfriend is at her job.

Mesh-Back Cap

Matched with a black zip-up hoodie and jeans, this ensemble is great for going to dinner with your girlfriend’s friends and pretending you forgot your wallet.

Camo-Print Cap

Styled with a button-up shirt and jeans, this look can be worn while you and your friends are out at the bars. When your girlfriend calls you, you can tell her you’ve only used her card to pay for three drinks so far and to stop smothering you.

Two-Tone Cap

Worn with a sleeveless t-shirt and track pants, this outfit can be worn when you show your girlfriend the new TV you bought with the money you said you didn’t have. You bought it for her too!

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