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Beauty Tips to Hide the Dead Emptiness in Your Eyes

Being a human is an incredible burden. We toil and worry our days away, waiting for the inevitable end. This can break our spirits and keep us up at night. All of this contributes to that existential dread people can see in your eyes. Hide your paralyzed fear with these beauty suggestions.

Smile a lot. Nothing tells people you enjoy your life more than smiling and laughing. When people focus on your beaming smile, they are less likely to notice your numb expressionless eyes.

Wear sunglasses. This is a no-brainer. The glasses hide the hopelessness and also make you look cooler than you are!

Put on too much eye makeup. Dress up those eyes and give them a shimmer. People will be so distracted by the caked on mascara and ridiculous colored eyeshadow they won't see how terrifying it is to peer into the black holes of nothingness that are your eyes.


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