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Books I'm too Rich to Understand

Certain literature I was forced to read in high school completely went over my head. Not because I'm dumb, but because I lack compassion and empathy for others. My wealth precludes me from comprehending the following books.

  1. Crime and Punishment: Killing an old lady because she makes people pay their bills? Am I supposed to understand why that's okay?

  2. Catcher in the Rye: Why is this kid so upset? He's got money, doesn't he? And what the fuck is a catcher in the rye? Like some baseball-type sport?

  3. The Great Gatsby: Um, what is this guy's problem? He's rich. Like go find some other rich woman and have a great life. What the fuck?

  4. Grapes of Wrath: I just don't understand anything about this. Dust bowl? I'm confused.

  5. To Kill a Mockingbird: Like maybe if Boo Radley would get out of the house once in a while and get a job he wouldn't be so weird.


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