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Celebrate the New Year by Embracing Satan!

All the thoughts and prayers, good deeds, well wishes, and generous donations have been great and all this year, but has anything changed really? Maybe instead of doing good for mankind, you can start doing evil! Most likely, you’ll get the same result. Try out embracing the Prince of Darkness!

Embrace your Inner Teenage Witch Fantasies and Start Dressing Full Goth. Everyone looks great in black! Dressing to please the dark lord gives you a purpose. And those beige crop tops from the summer were really dumb.

Start a Nihilism Storytime Hour at the local Children’s Book Store. You can start introducing today’s young minds to important philosophical ideologies by reminding them that their life is meaningless and their existence is insignificant!

Instead of Boring Old Game Nights, Host Satanic Ritual Nights! With all your newfound friends you’ll have so much more fun invoking demons and offering sacrifices than you ever did playing Heads Up. Don’t worry, you can still make your famous guacamole!


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