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Celebrate Your Bleak Irish Heritage with an Angela's Ashes St. Paddy's Day Bash!

One day of the year, everyone goes all out celebrating their Irish heritage by drinking beer and getting in bar fights. This year, steep yourself deep into the culture of the Irish by throwing an Angela's Ashes-themed party.

Costume Ideas

No leprechauns at this party! Only sad, sad, sad people who cry a lot and wish they had money to buy more whiskey. Tell your guests to don their most threadbare, dirtiest looking nightgowns. Ask them to come to the party stumbling in, complaining about the pub owner throwing them out onto the cobblestoned streets for crying too much on account of their child just dying.

No Potato for You

The Irish famine had everyone in literal hunger pangs. Celebrate the Irish tradition by smacking potatoes out of people's hands with this fun party game. It's like Hot Potato except you're starving and want to keep the potato but can't because it's a figment of your imagination.

Poor Decor

What was it like to be poor in Ireland in the 1930s? Well, it looked like it really sucked! No cute chaises lounge, no asymmetric shelving, no avant garde art on the walls. Instead all they had were pictures of Jesus and Mother Mary on the walls, and maybe a few whiskey bottles thrown in here and there. For extra drabness, block out all natural light with gray, soot-filled sheets.

Angela's Oreo Ashes Party Cake

Use crushed up Oreo's to make an Angela's Ashes cake! Guests can take a handful of the "ashes" and spread them into their mouth. Top it off with some cheap whiskey and a few tears.


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