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Diamond in the Rough Actually Cubic Zirconia in the Rough

He came from the wrong side of the tracks. I got lost on my way to a new mani-pedi place and stopped to ask for the local street urchins for directions. I’ve been trying to talk to the urban population more often to seem more down to earth.

And there he was: leaning against a street lamp like some cool greaser dude. He didn’t have a leather jacket and his hair wasn’t slicked back, but I like to remember it happened that way.

I blew off the mani-pedi and asked him to get a drink, so he took me to this rough biker bar that smelled like piss and stale dreams were coming true. I’d always wished to meet a guy that came from unfortunate circumstances that I could help rise up into becoming a respected citizen of society!

A few weeks later and he’s now living with me in the condo my Daddy owns...just some more new clothes, another haircut, and getting some of the teardrop tattoos removed and he’ll be on his way to the top! I talked my Daddy into getting him a job at his corporation so after that I’ll really be able to show him off and actually introduce him to my friends! Just have to work on the ebonics a little bit more.


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