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Diedre's Travel Tips for Rich People Forced to Interact with Poor Locals

We asked Diedre if she had any bits of travel wisdom she gained during her jet-setting life. She said far and away her biggest worry when traveling was not knowing how to interact with people who make less than seven figures. Here are some of the tips she suggested:

Hide your valuables. This one is a no-brainer; you can't show off how wealthy you are on the streets, no matter where you travel to. Save that diamond necklace for the evening soiree.

Use protection. Wear a mask, gloves, hats, goggles, and ear plugs whenever you're out in a market area where the poor like to congregate. This way you'll avoid picking up the plagues they carry.

Wear less perfume. The poor can smell the wealth on you and will no doubt want to strike up a conversation on investing in their stupid business ideas.

Pretend you're deaf if they try to talk to you. Most people don't know sign language. If by some chance they do, just act mentally unstable. That will send them away.

Keep quarters on hand to throw at them when they follow you. We know you never have that kind of low level cash on you, but to them it's a lot of money. When they get near, throw the coins in their general direction. They will be so amazed they'll stop following you just to stare at the coins; it's like gold to them.

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