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Dream Interpretations By Baeli, Dream Scientist

I had a dream that I had a new calling, and took that as a sign that I need to help all my readers interpret their dreams and guide them in figuring out their life. I have put absolutely no thought into these explanations, they just come to me! Xoxo, Baeli

Apples: a premonition that good news will fall upon you soon, followed by a horrible, painful death.

Butterfly: a feeling of calm and serenity will overcome you as you slip into a peaceful, eternal sleep.

Beach: you have an adventurous soul, that will lead you to falling to your death in a fluke bungee jumping accident.

Pumpkins: you are sweet and kind, and your friends and family will remember you as having a gentle soul when you die at a young age.

Waterfall: true love is waiting just around the corner, but it’s too bad that when you turn that corner, you’ll be immediately hit by a bus.

Turtles: a turtle represents a new beginning. Like the new beginning your boyfriend will have after your untimely death.

Disclaimer: The Glowt is not responsible for any readers’ deaths or Baeli’s premonitions of readers’ deaths.


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