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Four Spring Looks Inspired by Murderous Dictators

When we think of spring, we think of flowers, warmer weather and murderous dictators. What better way to pay homage to these heinous assholes than by wearing cute looks inspired by them and their various monstrosities?


Wow, what a horrible monster! Conjure up images of the devil made human in this lightweight, shit brown jacket.


It's unbelievable what this evil dipshit got away with during his reign of terror. This ugly dress will help bring back the red scare this spring!


Hitler's Bitch (as we like to call him) had a penchant for hats. Wear this dumb hat to bring back memories of him bending down and taking it from Hitler.


Sure he didn't murder anyone (officially), but he has murdered democracy so that makes him a murderous dictator in our books. Wear this orange eyesore to make Americans expatriate and become Canadian citizens.

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