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Gardening for Sociopaths: Plants Don't Have Feelings You Have to Consider!

Being someone who has no regard for other people's emotions and chooses to put myself first in all situations, I find it difficult to be around human beings.

My court-appointed therapist told me I was a sociopath. And she recommended I take up a hobby.

Seeing as how I hate people, I decided to be amongst something that doesn't talk or have emotions. Plants!

It's so great getting to snip their leaves off, pluck their petals, chop them down. Plants don't make a big fuss over you destroying them like people or animals do. It fulfills my need to manipulate and exploit for my own gain without the possibility of facing criminal charges.

And to my haters, I'll just have you know Jessica was VERY annoying and a lot of people are relieved she is no longer able to talk. Okay?

Plants are great!


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