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Girl Wearing One-Piece Casually Swept to Side in Beach Group Photo

Beach vacay!! I’m so happy that we were able to get to the beach for one last hurrah this summer at my cousin’s boyfriend’s dad’s beach house with Jess, Teena, Ash, Brendah, Kara, Missy, Missy #2, Emileigh, Emma, Leigh, Caren, and Lora!

We needed to make sure to document this really special, once-in-a-lifetime, mundane and ordinary trip, because these are the times we need to remember, as well as all of the 5,546 times we had already this year.

So we lined up on the beach to take a group photo. For some reason, Missy #2 decided to wear a one-piece bathing suit that day. When questioned why she didn’t wear a yellow, red, or blue bikini like we all had, she said that she was on her “period” and felt “bloated.”

Well, Missy #2, sorry you're on your “period” and were “bloated,” but that means you’re going to be pushed to the end of the line where you'll be mostly obscured by Teena’s sorority pose.

Maybe next time you won’t come to the beach when you’re, like, ill, or something.


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