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Glowt Within Essential Oils: Relieve Stress, Lift a Car Over Your Head

Here at The Glowt, we are big believers in natural alternatives to Western Medicine, which is why we quickly slapped our logo on generic essential oils we found on Amazon to call our own. Used in aromatherapy, essential oils have long had many benefits: skincare, stress relief and healing. But ours are way better and the huge price markup proves it! Here are all the amazing *benefits Glowt Within Essential Oils can provide you:


Relieves stress.

Supports better sleep.

Helps you finally defeat the half-Nixon/half-cat sleep paralysis demon that visits you every night.


Digestion relief.

Boosts energy.

Aids in saving a trapped toddler by lifting a car over your head.

Tea Tree

Fights infections.

Boosts immunity.

Prevents all future versions of COVID, including the one that causes tail growth (Bring it on COVID-23!)


Calms nerves.

Increases focus.

Helps you bury the body you have hiding in your trunk, doesn’t snitch on you.


Reduces stress.

Used to treat acne and eczema.

Helps you steal the identities of the women that threaten you with their youth.

*Please don’t sue us.


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