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Help Our Glowt Intern #89478 Pay Her Medical Bills Because We Certainly Won't

Intern #89478 just found out she has to have brain surgery for some reason – we don't know why. We got bored listening to her cry about it.

But out of the kindness of our hearts, we decided to start a GoFundMe to get her the money she needs to fix her brain. If you have any kindness in you, you will donate. For God's sake, she doesn't make any money at The Glowt! She can't possibly afford this surgery and doesn't have health insurance – yeah, we don't offer that, either.

Our CEO, Diedre, has committed to match every $1,000 donated by 1 percent, meaning she will give $10 for every $1,000 you contribute. This is so very generous of her. She only has $50 million to her name.

Like and share to help get Intern #89478 the brain she needs to continue to work for free!


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