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How I Learned to Love Myself but Also This New Guy I’m Seeing

Self-love is so important in life, especially in this past year! I’ve personally had so many changes in my life, probably more than most...the gym with my favorite spin class went out of business and now I have to go to the one that’s just okay. I couldn’t wear my cute winter sweaters out in public AT ALL because everything shut down, and then the worst: my sister got engaged and I didn’ felt like the universe was punishing me and only me.

I was becoming more and more depressed and down on myself...sure I can post endless selfies and receive a zillion likes and so many heartfelt, meaningful messages from all of my followers, but how am I really supposed to feel better about myself if they’re not saying it directly to my face constantly?

That’s when I had an epiphany; it wasn’t up to everyone else to make me feel better about myself all the time, it was up to me! After searching “self-love” and getting nothing but masturbating articles, I finally found some good ways I could learn to appreciate myself and be grateful for who I am. After reading for like a good 30 minutes, I realized this hottie I met online had messaged me back and he wanted to meet! Self-love was really looking up for me.

It’s been a couple weeks now and I’ve learned to love being independent and take pride in myself, especially with my new boo by my side!

Self-love is so important for everyone to practice during these times and to make sure you take time out for yourself each day, which I usually do wrapped in my boyfriend’s arms as he tells me I’m beautiful. Self-love has never felt so great!


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