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How the Full Moon Affects Your Menstrual Cycle, Dreams About Tearing Sheep to Shreds

The moon: a symbol for feminine power, strength, and transformation.

So big….so bright….its alluring glow is so mysterious….

...But one must collect themselves and wonder: Do the phases of the moon affect your menstrual cycle and recurring dreams about livestock? Experts say yes!

Below we explain how to make the most of your celestial energy during your menstrual cycle:

Waxing Moon

Greatness takes time. This is the time for self-care. Whether that’s binging your favorite movie “Babe” over and over or shaving the thicker-than-usual hair on your legs, this is the time for you to stow up and recuperate your feminine power.

Full Moon

Mother moon invites your embrace. Your creative and physical energy are at an all-time high. While you may find yourself waking up naked in the middle of an empty field, you will feel refreshed and ready to take on the work day. #girlboss

NOTE: Silver jewelry may cause extra inflammation during this time.

Waning Moon

Renew and rest. As the moon’s light fades, so does your energy. The cravings for lamb shank may have decreased, but you need to get your iron levels up. Experts recommend a diet of lentils and fortified breakfast cereals.

Community service can do wonders for your energy. This is the time of the lunar cycle that usually sees many of your neighbors' pets going missing. Volunteer your time and get out there to help put up fliers!

With this information, we hope that you will use your lunar energy to work for you...and maybe avoid questions from your neighbors about their missing dogs.


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