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How to Convey Sympathy and Understanding During These Hard Times While Using Botox

Our country is facing many tough situations. Political unrest, police brutality, systemic racism, and a pandemic that is causing one of the biggest job and housing crises in our country’s history.

While none of that affects me at all, I feel deeply saddened and want to show that I’m an ally for the three working-class people I know. However, this can be difficult for someone that regularly uses Botox. Here are tips to convey sympathy and understanding using Botox.

Cut Onions

It may be hard to get the waterworks going at first. Cutting onions can help ease out the tears and show your friend/housekeeper that things will be okay and hey, can you work on Sunday?

Imagine the Saddest Thing Ever

While onions may get the tears started, the best way to keep them coming is to imagine the saddest thing that has ever happened to you. Remember when you had to cancel your reservation at that 5-star resort in Tulum? Or when you had to scrub your own toilet? Or when you had to downgrade your smoothie mix delivery from 5 days a week to twice a week? Too far? Perfect!

Shave Your Eyebrows and Draw Them In

Is your friend now disturbed by your frozen, tear-filled face? Add more emphasis to your look by shaving your eyebrows and drawing them in. Angry? Draw those eyebrows in diagonally. Shocked? Draw them in higher! The options are endless!

Use a Stand-In

If all other methods fail, hire a stand-in. While your landscaper asks you why their last payment was decreased, you can have your stand-in sob and explain that while money is tight right now, they are donating $100,000 to abolish ICE and that will benefit everyone in the long run. Extra points if your stand-in hugs them too. Empathy achieved!


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