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How To Organize Your Unsolicited Dick Pics: A Guide

Picture're showing your granny the photos you took of your car, (you just got some new LED lights for the looks sick) you accidentally swipe too far, and now poor granny is staring at your bathroom mirror photo from the belly button down. Not good, dude. Here’s a better way to organize all those pictures of your penis that no one asked for.

  1. Start by making a new folder on your phone. Don’t forget to name it something unsuspicious, like “Dank memes.”

  2. Make sure they’re in order from best to worst. Obviously save the best ones to follow that “Hey beutiful” message you send to that random female stranger.

  3. Try out some filters. It could be kinda fun to make a vintage-looking black and white pic. If girls don’t go for it, you can just say it was your grandfather.

  4. Put a watermark on them. You don’t want someone else to take credit for your 4.7 inches of pure manhood. Make sure you mark those pictures so everyone knows just who that love machine belongs to.

  5. Finally, back your shit up! These dick pics are really all you have to offer, you don’t want to lose them. Make sure to put them in the cloud and change your password to ‘password’ so it will be easy to remember.

Good luck!


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