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How to Spend Thanksgiving Alone When You Have No One to Remind You're Vegan

Deliver Hot Meals to the Homeless

As you deliver turkey meals to hungry people in need, remind each one that they can still get a good source of protein from alternative sources like beans if they’d just try.

Order a Thanksgiving Meal from a Local Restaurant

As you’re ordering a large side of green beans (the only item that seems possible to eat), ask them if the green beans are cooked in beef broth. When they reply “Yes, we serve Southern food,” explain that you are vegan and recommend that they watch the documentary “Cowspiracy”.

Post on a Vegetarian Reddit Thread

Shame all of the vegetarians for still partaking in eating eggs and dairy by posting a picture of the vegan flour-less cake you made. Rub it in their faces while also hoping no one notices the Taco Bell bag in the background.


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