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How to Talk Sense into Conspiracy Theorists When You Believe in Detox Cleanses

The world is a crazy place. There are so many uncertainties, from the coronavirus to climate change to our political systems. This leads many people to question everything as they know it and turn to conspiracy theories to make things make sense. Here's how to talk to people who fall blindly for the traps of conspiracy theories when you yourself believe people who say drinking vinegar for five days will replenish your liver.

1. Ask them why they believe what they do, trying to pull out their reasoning and any obvious facts that might lead them to think these things. Finding the truth in their theories will help you connect with them. But don't worry about the facts behind cleanses. That's just common knowledge that filling your system with only one negligible calorie source for days will cure your body of many problems.

2, Challenge them on their ideas in a productive way. Don't be overbearing, just say, "Well, what about this that I heard? Do you take any stock in this?" Then ignore the rising suspicions in your own brain about the new Lemon Water and Apple Seed Cleanse that supposedly boosts your immune system.

3. Tell them that you want to learn more. Might as well give in to the fact that what they're saying is starting to make sense. Just like how when you first heard about drinking nothing but almond milk for ten days you thought it was above reproach. Why not, you thought. Might as well try it!

4. Go to their meetings. Take it all in stride. You're learning a new belief with very few ties to reality, but it's fun! And also scary. Gives you an adrenaline rush. Much like when you started doing your first juice cleanse and thought you were losing your mind from hunger. It's a fantastic feeling. Let it overtake you. And drink up!


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