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How to Tell Your Prying Relatives You’re Taking a Mental Break, Not Unemployed

While this holiday season may look a lot different than last year’s, one thing remains consistent: Relatives that can’t mind their damn business (We mean you, Aunt Linda!)

You’re finding your true self through hobbies and passions that have nothing to do with you being let go from your job in March. Here are foolproof responses to those that need to lay off:

“I realized that city life was just not keeping me grounded.”

Translation: I moved back in with my parents because unemployment payments are a joke and my parents have two kinds of milk.

“I’m working on discovering my passions.”

Translation: I ordered a watercolor painting kit and several books on Renaissance art, but have yet to open the box they came in. I sometimes think about opening it then decide I shouldn’t demand so much of myself and go eat a jar of olives.

“I realized I needed to find me.”

Translation: I sleep in till noon and then spend the second half of the day watching “Golden Girls” reruns while trying to decide if I’m more of a Sophia or a Dorothy.


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