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How We're Spending the Holidays This Year

How are you spending the Holidays this year?

"My family and I will be in the Bahamas for Christmas Day. Then Turks and Caicos, then Jamaica, then Puerto Rico, then back to the Bahamas. It’s so sad we can’t have a normal Holiday season this year, but we’re managing. Hopefully, we can spread some holiday spirit when we get back!"

-Diedre (Founder of The Glowt)

"My boyfriend wants me to join his family’s Christmas Zoom call, but I told him I have to work this year to give my millions of followers the sponsored content they need: Altered pictures of me holding products I never intend to use."

-Baeli, Contributing Writer

"Diedre wants me to learn the value of giving back, which means packaging and delivering thousands of unwanted Glowt products to the local homeless shelter on Christmas Day. I hope they’ll appreciate unregulated supplements and crystals instead of food."

-Intern #44

Diedre es el diablo.

-Juanita the Cleaning Lady


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