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I Gave Up on Dating Apps and Instead Spray Pheromones Wherever I Go

Dating apps are just so demanding. You have to swipe left, swipe right, talk to people about their dogs, and then forget their names when you finally get to meet them.

So instead of using dating apps I have developed a new way of attracting and dating men. I have a bottle handy that's full of my sweat and vaginal secretions. Every time I go to pick up groceries, send out packages or visit my grandma at the nursing home, I spray the shit out of the general area.

And it's working! I've noticed men gawking at me, unable to control their impulses to stare at such a glorious creature. Several have come up to me and asked, "What's that smell?" And I just smirk and say, "Are you going to ask me on a date or what?" They are so overcome by my beauty they just back away in awe.

Next time I'm going to add urine to the mix to really drive them wild. I can't wait to see how many men ask for my number after they take one whiff of my pheromones.


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