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I Had a Low-Cost Self-Care Night by Smearing Peanut Butter on My Knees and Had My Dog Lick it Off

After a long day of working from home, I was exhausted. Not as exhausted as sitting through an hour of bumper to bumper traffic both ways, or waking up at the crack of 10 a.m., but still just exhausted. I decided that night was going to be about me, and only me.

Self-care is important. According to, like, three of my friends, practicing self-care regimens at least once a day will help you to find peace and be a better person or something like that. It can be small things, like taking time out to meditate, writing in a journal, rereading your favorite book, taking a long relaxing bath, or having a bowl of ice cream.

Well, journals are for sad people, my Kindle’s battery was dead, the bathtub was full of glitter for some reason, and I was fresh out of ice cream. I was out of everything...I should have gone to the store and get stuff, like dog treats for Puddles… but no! Last night was about me feeding my soul, not about feeding my face. I did feel bad about Puddles though. She’s so whiny and just wants to be validated with snausages.

Then it came to me! I thought maybe I could create a self-care activity that helped me and Puddles! So that’s when I grabbed the peanut butter that I use to give my dog her flea treatment pills (it was that organic, crunchy kind, but I guess any old flavor will work). I did an internet search on the benefit of dog saliva on human skin, and when I typed in that exact phrase there was an article all about it (the internet is great!).

According to top skin care experts, canine saliva helps to exfoliate dry skin and cleanses the pores. I figured adding the peanut butter would probably be good for something too. So I decided for a trial run, I’d try the knees. I spread a layer of the chunky stuff on both my knees and laid down on the floor.

Puddles came over excitedly and went straight to work, licking up all that nut butter in no time. After she was done, I decided to lay there for another 15 minutes to let that doggie slobber do its magic. Lying on the floor for an extended period of time really helped my muscles relax and my back feel better, but that wasn’t the point. My knees looked great after I got up, showered and slathered moisturizer all over them. I will definitely try this again; maybe the forehead next time!

DISCLAIMER: Either some or all of the advice provided in this article may or may not have been provided by a reliable medical source. If you experience irritation or rash please stop immediately, unless you really like doggy kisses.


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