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I Tripped on Acid and Realized I Should Be Nicer to Poor People... So I'm Never Doing That Again

It was an amazing experience. At first. I saw colors so brilliant I thought I might cry. I could hear the universe buzzing around me. And I wondered for the first time in my life what it must be like to be poor.

I thought about the ways I've treated poor people in the past. Laughing at the homeless man on the corner for mumbling to himself. Telling the old lady counting change at the store counter to hurry up. Calling the cops on poor children selling homemade bracelets door to door to pay for school clothes.

It was a terrible experience. I started hyperventilating. I felt like an awful human being and I wanted to make it right.

What was I thinking?

And so I'm never taking acid again. I never want to think critically about my past and I DEFINITELY do not want to change anything about myself to benefit the world.

Poor people are poor for a reason. So I can be rich.

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