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If it’s Not Plant-based, I’m Not Eating it! And Other Things I Say No One Asked to Hear

Nowadays, plants can be turned into even pizza or salad. Who knew!? I only eat plant-based foods because it’s better for the Earth, and this month I’m all about giving back to the world, in the form of my plant-filled bowels.

Plus, I’ve started my kids on an all plant diet too. The 10 year old complains a lot, but my 15-month old is fine with it! Mostly because she’s a baby and doesn’t know any’s so nice when they’re young and impressionable like that!

Everything I’ve learned from doing extensive research on Facebook tells me that a plant-based diet will help me live longer, lose weight, and ward off mountain trolls. It’s too bad, because just last week I bought this wagyu beef to surprise my husband with...and now into the garbage it goes. It’s going to be alright though, because tonight I’m making cabbage steaks!


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