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It’s So Simple! Become Rich and Famous by Being Related to Someone Rich and Famous!

Fame and fortune has never been so easy to achieve. you basically don’t have to do anything but exist!

How do you reach this level of celebrity status with ease, you ask? Just have the rare luck to be born into it! Do you want a million Insta followers like that? Try having a rich mom. Maybe you’d like some free designer clothes…it wouldn’t hurt to have a celebrity uncle. It’s possible you could even be born into one of those legacy families, like Drew Barrymore whose ancestors have been filthy rich and famous for decades, and now for some reason she has her own talk show! You too could have these easily attainable rewards if you just have the good sense to have famous parents, or relatives.

It definitely helps if you get adopted by a famous person, because then you get all those extra sympathy points that you’ll be able to cash in for actual cash when you start your new impoverished orphans' clothing line.

Happy coattail riding!


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