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Making A Difference: How To Take Your Best Selfie While Visiting A Third World Orphanage

Pics or it didn’t happen? That ESPECIALLY goes when you’re finally taking that once in a lifetime 10-day trip to some really pitiful country. And when you visit the sad little orphanage in some backwoods little village, you’re going to need to let all your Insta fans know how much good you’ve been doing. Here’s how to take the best selfies with all the orphans so that you can be the best voluntourist you can be!

Make sure you’re front and center, obviously. This is about you after all, helping these kiddos by bringing them those organic vegan 80% dark chocolate bars. They’re gonna love them! It’s not like they get sugar regularly anyways.

Wear your designer sunglasses. You’ll want to emphasize the huge wealth gap between you and whatever street urchin is next to you...Pedro? Pablo? Who knows.

Take a video of you throwing a ball at a child or something. Everyone will love seeing you taking the time to play sports with the kids. Don’t worry, you won’t have to actually play a game with them, it’s just for the video.

You’re going to get so many likes on these photos and everyone is going to think you really made a difference! Just don’t forget to relax on the beach in the affluent part of the country after putting in all that hard work.


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