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More Dream Interpretations By Baeli, Dream Scientist

I had a dream that I had a new calling, and took that as a sign that I need to help all my readers interpret their dreams and guide them in figuring out their life. I have put absolutely no thought into these explanations, they just come to me! Xoxo, Baeli

Bear: Seeing a bear in your dream probably means you’ll run into a bear on that hike you’ve been planning. The bear won’t get you, but taking that wrong turn and falling into that deep ravine will kill you.

Chamomile Tea: Drinking a cup of chamomile tea in a dream creates a sense of relaxation and calmness. But in reality you’ll be stabbed 25 times during that home invasion coming up.

A Single Die: No snake eyes for you. Rolling the die(dice) in a dream leads to a risky decision in real life. That will ultimately end in your demise. Sorry.

Tree Frog: That cute little tree frog you see in your dream is great. That mysterious illness that wipes you out pretty quickly, not so great.

Ukulele: Such a pleasant, whimsical sound. But there’s definitely nothing pleasant about your immediate death after dreaming about ukuleles.

Wheelbarrow: Dreaming of wheelbarrows represents euphoria, weirdly enough. Like, the euphoria you’ll feel right before you’re hit by that bus. Don’t worry, you’ll never see it coming.

Disclaimer: The Glowt is not responsible for any readers’ deaths or Baeli’s premonitions of readers’ deaths.


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