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My Child is a Blessing and You are Garbage

Ever since I had my third little angel, it’s as if people have been treating me differently everywhere I go, and I just want all of them to know one thing: you all are a big rotting, stinking piece of garbage. Is it really that big of a deal to let my beautiful children with their free spirits and creative minds yell and shout and run around your store to their heart’s desire?

I’ve got an answer for you…no, it’s not!

Even when you said they “allegedly” tipped over a couple of trash cans and threw their child-size hot chocolates back in the barista’s face…and even if they did, they were child-size! It’s not like they’d really do any real damage.

I guess it’s time to take my little darlings home now, since we’ve been “asked to leave” by the manager…you know, there should really be more child-friendly places out there, since I plan on having so many more of these little blessings! It’s about time the world caters to us.


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