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New Summer Superfoods; Protein-Packed Cicadas and Recipes to Try!

I know I’m tired of the same old thing every year...the weather’s warmer and making that 26-grain quinoa salad or those berry-fig-kiwi-watermelon-dragonfruit-mango parfaits. It’s just the same old thing! This summer, how about trying something different, that will be found (in swarms) in your own backyard...cicadas!

Cicadas are packed with protein, provide wholesome nutrients, and provide a crunch that’s better than any potato chip!

Here’s a few recipe ideas to try out:

Cicada potato salad

This is great because with all the other ingredients and the mayo no one at the bbq will be able to notice you’ve added some extra special protein just for them!

Cicada bites

Great for the kiddos! Just grab a bunch of those dead ones over there on the ground by that oak tree. Add some salt, pepper, a little fresh garlic for flavor and pop them in the air fryer. Voila! A fun snack!

Cicada wraps

Use your favorite veggies and dressing and add some of your fun crunchy buddies! Mix it all together and roll up in your preferred gluten-free vegan paleo keto wrap; now you’re ready to chow down!


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