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Oh You Work For A Nonprofit? I Could Never Work For Such Little Money. Good For You!

It’s been a week since my sister started working for this nonprofit company that like, helps homeless people find jobs or something and it’s great! She’s doing a lot of good for the community and really becoming a better person for it. I’m really proud of all the great work she’s doing!

I just hope she’s still going to be able to put in her share for the new golf clubs we’re getting dad for his birthday. And then there’s the bottomless mimosa brunch we’re doing this weekend too...I’m not going to spot her. I hope she’s going to really think about how much she wants this job especially when I want us to take that trip to Hawaii later this year. And flying anything below business class is just wrong.

I wouldn’t be caught dead working for anything under $60K…..but good for her for making a difference in the world!


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