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Ooh la La! French Girl Looks That Are Just a Boring T-Shirt and Jeans

Brigitte Bardot, Françoise Hardy, Marine Le Pen: The French Girl style is effortless, chic, and only deemed fashionable if you’re white and thin. Even though fashion is more diverse and creative than ever, we’ll keep rewriting the same article on this aesthetic because this bullshit keeps generating clicks for some reason. Anyway, here are some French Girl Looks that are just a boring t-shirt and jeans:

Striped T-Shirt You Got 10 Years Ago From Target Paired With Skinny Jeans and Flats

Yeah, this style isn’t any different than what you wore in high school, but it’s groundbreaking when you see Alexa Chung wear it for some reason.

Boring White V-Neck Shirt Paired With Skinny Jeans and Heels

I guess this looks cool if you smoke a cigarette and stand next to a bicycle.

Expensive T-Shirt Paired With a Skirt and Flats

Is this doing anything for ya? No? Welp, guess you could try searching Pinterest.

A Button-Up Shirt! ...Paired With Skinny Jeans and Flats

Honestly, we’re out of ideas here and are paid by the word count. Please send help.


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