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Practicing Daily Gratitude: How My Friends Must Learn to Be More Grateful for Me

Gratitude in daily life is so important and essential to a peaceful and happy life. That’s why it’s also important for my friends to show their gratitude to me, on a daily basis. When Sheighla lost her cat, instead of helping to look, who told her which neighborhood group chats to post on and wished her luck? Me. And Paisley getting 2 DUIs in a year…who didn’t make fun of her? At least not to her face? Me.

I do so much for these whores, and they just think I’ll be there for them the next time Chad no. 5 breaks up with Leesah again…maybe one of these times I won’t answer my phone, even though I’ve had it surgically attached to my hand.

So for your sake, but really my sake, be grateful for me and everything I do. That’s what gratitude is all about.


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