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Refusing the COVID-19 Test: Why I Don’t Consent to Nasal Rape

I try to live a simple life. I wake up, do my pilates, get the kids ready for home school and instruct the cook to make a delicious and nutritious breakfast for my husband, who seems to be going into work earlier and earlier these days, which is odd because he works from home.

I buy organic, I donate to animal rescues, and I certainly don’t let big pharma anywhere near my precious children's immune systems with their cyanide-ridden vaccines.

So when this Chinese virus found its way over to our beloved, prosperous and successful land, I was pretty annoyed. I try to protect my family from “worldly information,” and now some airborne disease was supposed to come and kill us all? I don’t think so. And now the government wants us to quarantine? Yeah right. If I can’t go to Trader Joe’s, I’ll die.

The last straw was this COVID-19 testing they wanted everyone to get if you’ve been “exposed” to a person with the virus. Then I find out the test is this invasive, violating, horrible cotton swab they stick in your nasal cavity. It may be quick and hardly painful but the memory of overstepping my nasal boundaries will stay with me for years.

That is why I have started a group in my gated housing complex called Mothers Against Nasal Rape, or MANR. Our numbers are growing everyday, and my thanks to The Glowt for helping us get the word out. To sign up and pay the $100 membership fee, click here. Stay safe and Goddess bless.


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