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Relationship Health: Force Your Partner to Care About Your Bowel Movements

Did you feel a rumble in your stomach? Is it time to stink up the ladies' room? Then tell your man!

It's time to take back our health from the patriarchy or something and tell the men just how often we shit, what the consistencies of the shits are, and what they smell like.

Before sex, tell them just how clean you are down there in case they want to go to town, if you know what we mean. They'll be thankful that you're so honest with them while in the throes of passion.

In the event you really destroy the toilet, don't be a prude! Tell your boyfriend all about the experience and provide photographic evidence so they can congratulate you on your success in the bathroom.

Stop holding back your farts. Make sure they're loud and smelly. That way your boyfriend can determine what you have eaten and whether you're taking care of yourself.

If they say, "That's gross" or "I don't care," that means they don't care about your physical wellbeing and your digestive issues. And it's time for them to be gone from your life.

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