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Sexy Tops to Wear to Your Friend’s Friday the 13th Blood Sacrifice Party

Even though you might have to wear a long, dark cloak for most of the night, you’ll want to feel confident that you chose the right cami or crop top to wear underneath! Here are The Glowt’s favorite picks for your fun night of demonic worship:

Wear this slinky little number and no one will be able to take their eyes off you, also because it’s your turn to drink the conjuring potion.

Who’s that in that smokin’ red top?! It’s you, of course! This color really makes you pop, and it’s a natural solution to hide all the blood splatter

It’s Friday night, why not go all out with a little cleave action? You’ll want to attract the evil forces you’re trying to conjure with everything you’ve got, might as well show some skin.

Or try green...maybe the demons like green too?


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