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Showing Your Face At Zumba Even Though Your Kid Doesn’t Have A Gluten Intolerance

All the ladies are always talking about the special diets they lay out for their precious babies...they make their children sound like the most important people on the planet, and if someone offers them a slice of pizza, heads will roll! But your child is perfectly normal and boring, with only an allergy to pollen...lame! Here are some tips to help you make your kid sound as interesting as those gluten-free angels:

Let them know about your kid’s serial bed-wetting. They might be 11 now, but bed-wetting happens at least three times a week. You even make them sleep in the bathtub.

Gab about your daughter’s year abroad in Slovenia. It doesn’t matter that she’s only in the fourth grade, she had a life-changing experience!

Tell everyone about that time your son absorbed his twin in the womb. At least now you’ll only have to pay for one college education!


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