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Spitting on the Sidewalk: Why it’s Important and Other Man Wisdom

What most people don’t realize is to get anywhere in life you have to assert your dominance over almost any situation you’re in. Spitting on the sidewalk is just one of those things that screams out, “I’m a man, and I’m dominant!” It’s the only way to gain respect in this world.

You can also obtain the ultimate respect for your manliness by leaving the toilet seat up (those hoes are lucky you even lifted it), spreading your legs as wide as can be on public transportation (men need more room at all times, it’s a proven fact), and the most wisest, most important tip of all to assert your dominance over the world, is to never laugh at anything a woman says when they’re trying to make a joke. Not letting them know they’re funny will help to break that ego and get them back to saying cute dumb shit and desperately trying to seek your approval. Best thing a man can do.


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