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Suburban Housewife Debunks Urban Legend Among Peers: You Actually Can Be Held Accountable For Action

If she knew she’d have charges brought against her for throwing that scalding-hot latte in the barista’s face, she never would’ve even dared!

When 36-year-old Mackenzie Thomas, mother of three and cake pop blogger, opened her front door to a police officer with a warrant for her arrest, she was completely taken by surprise. “Apparently throwing a drink in some bitchy girl’s face gets you criminally charged with aggravated wasn’t aggravated, it was just quick and probably really painless for her.”

Thomas was charged with throwing a latte she bought at the local café in the 19-year-old barista’s face, claiming it wasn’t hot enough. Before the latte was served, the temperature of the beverage was reading 195º. This was obviously not hot enough for Thomas, and so she began to argue, becoming louder and louder until she had the attention of everyone in the facility. When the barista explained that she made it as she requested, Thomas became irate. She emptied the contents of her extremely hot latte into the face of the barista, causing second-degree burns on the girl’s skin.

Thomas has of course posted bail and she plans to plead not guilty at the upcoming trial. “Of course I’m not guilty. I was completely justified in my actions and any of the other soccer moms would have acted the same way. What are the times coming to when you can’t even get good customer service anymore?”


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