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Teach Your Kids To Be Edgy By Showing Them How To Give Prison Tattoos

Are your kids getting a little too soft for your liking? Are they not being invited to as many birthday parties as you’d like? There may be a solution to raising a couple of nerds for progeny...teach them how to give prison tattoos to their fellow friends and classmates!

All those lessons you learned from your 30 days at the juvenile detention center for spray painting all over your neighbor’s boat when you were 15 will come in handy now that you’re a respectable suburban mom of three wanting to spice up your kids’ talents. Show them how using a safety pin and a simple bic pen can create those cute little teardrops the kids covet these days!

Your kids are going to be the life of the school night at the local roller rink as all the children form a line in the bathroom to get inked up...they’ll have street cred up until their freshman year of college!


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