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Teaching Responsibility: Showing My Kids How to Tell the Maid Their Room Needs Cleaned

As a busy mom, it can be hard to ensure my kids are learning the values I learned as a child. In between yoga class, brunch, charity events and reclining for hours beside the pool taking Insta photos, teaching them those life lessons becomes difficult. But I make sure to squeeze in a few minutes a day bestowing my gifts of wisdom on them, no matter how much they scream in protest.

One of them is my lesson on responsibility. I know as a child of a wealthy parent, they may think they will have everything easily handed to them. It couldn't be further from the truth. They will have to work hard to tell people to do things for them, and might find it frustrating when those things don't get done fast enough or to their liking. It's all part of taking responsibility for ensuring the things they need done get done by somebody else.

I start this lesson by showing the kids that when their rooms are dirty, they shouldn't just leave it that way. They need to call Juanita as soon as possible and tell her their room needs cleaned. I teach them that Juanita may have other tasks that are more important than their rooms – like cleaning my sex dungeon or making my avocado smoothies – but that she will get to their needs as soon as she's able.

And if she doesn't get to it within a reasonable amount of time, they have every right to complain to her. I've taught them reasonable ways to air their grievances with her. Here are just some of them:

  • Upset her by suggesting you will call ICE if she doesn't clean it fast enough next time.

  • Tell her you will tell Mommy and Daddy that she will have her pay docked for being lazy.

  • Scream and stomp.

With these valuable life lessons in hand, I know my kids are going to be alright in this crazy world of ours. My next lesson will be on Caring for Others: Don't Talk to the Poor Because They Will Only Feel More Poor Talking to You.


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