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That's Right Ladies: Faking Orgasms Is Back!

Sure, being a strong woman who knows her own mind and knows how to reach her own sexual satisfaction is all fine and dandy, but is all that going to get up and make you pancakes in the morning?

Take a look at this scenario...Tyler is pretty hot and definitely gets your motor running, but doesn’t seem to quite bring you to the finish line. You could tell him he’s not doing it for you and risk bruising his precious male ego, or you could try being the dramatic little ingenue we know you are and really put on a show! Loud enough that dogs four streets over will be able to hear you...really go for it!

After all, Tyler has a good job and no sign of receding hair line, why shouldn’t you just be happy with mediocre missionary sex for the rest of your life? What are you supposed to do? Find someone that can understand you sexually? Who has time for that? As a 24-year-old woman, your time is really running out.

So ladies, if your man is pretty OK in every other department besides the bedroom, just let it go. And don’t forget to scream like a banshee right when he comes so he thinks he’s good at simultaneous orgasms.


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