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The Best Hiking Trails For Your Cheating Boyfriend To Mysteriously Disappear On

Your honey, your bae, your sexy guy….is a piece of crap, no-good, lying scum bucket! After grabbing his phone while he was in the shower and seeing more than one girl had slid into his DMs and were sending collarbone pics...ugh that’s like the sexiest bone! And you thought he was the one...oh well. You could be the bigger person, just leave him and find someone better that deserves you, or you could get some steaming cold revenge, just like I like it.

Since we’re both avid hikers, here are some trails that would be great to lose someone on...especially when you run away from them and have disabled the GPS on their phone.

Larapinta Trail in Central Australia: Walking through Australia’s bush country will be so peaceful..until you hop into that Land rover you hired to pick you up and he’s stuck with over 2000 species of spiders.

Pyrenean Haute Route in Europe: Checking out those mountain views on the French-Spanish border will be breathtaking...especially breathtaking when someone falls down a steep incline.

Appalachian Trail in USA: Stretching out over 2,190 miles, this trail is bound to have some lonely lonely no one will hear the screams.

Huayna Picchu in Peru: Everyone will be too occupied going to Machu Picchu to notice a stranded hiker on this trail, especially when their map leads them straight to a pack of rabid alpacas.

Happy hiking!


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