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The Glowt CEO Made Me Wear a Fat Suit for a Day

After realizing the difficulties that fat people go through every day, our founder and CEO Diedre came up with a great idea; she gathered all the interns for a meeting. “It’s quite the struggle to be fat; you have to walk up stairs, drive a car, and put shoes on, all while hardly being able to move. I need to know their experiences so that I can let fat people know how hard it is to be so gross.”

To get a full-on intimate journey with being overweight, Diedre decided that one of us was going to wear a fat suit for a day. “A lot of my incredible predecessors have worn one, and it’s time for one of you to follow in their footsteps, and then tell me about it.”

Diedre chose me for this assignment because I was standing closest to her.

So here we go, my 24 hours as a fat person:

We didn’t have the funds out of the intern budget for a latex fat suit, so we just rented one of those sumo wrestler costumes from a nearby Halloween store.

6:00am: Woke up and put on the suit. Made breakfast and got ready for work.

7:30am: Realized I couldn’t fit behind the steering wheel in my car, so my boyfriend had to drive me to the office while I kinda just laid across the backseat.

8:00am: In the office, everyone just stared at me as I waddled to my desk. It was really hard to walk in the suit.

8:45am: My editor stopped by and asked me to go across town to get the daily 26 latte order for all the senior execs.

9:00am: I had to call an Uber since I couldn’t drive. Luckily the driver didn’t speak English so I didn’t have to explain myself…just a lot of weird stares in the rear view mirror.

11:00am: After dropping all the lattes twice, I finally made it back to the office with a little wagon I had to buy. Unfortunately the execs had already sent someone else out for coffee and mine was no longer needed.

2:00pm: Diedre walks by my desk and asks what the hell I think I’m doing. I reminded her about the assignment. She just laughed and walked away.

9:00pm: Finally leaving the office, I went home itching to take this thing off.

9:05pm: Text from Diedre saying I had to wear it for the full 24 hours…so until 6am tomorrow.

11:00pm: My boyfriend and dog had to move to the couch. I’ve fallen out of bed twice now.

6:00am: After zero sleep and a rash forming, I finally got to take the suit off. I never knew how much of a struggle it really go to the bathroom in one of those sumo suits. It’s basically impossible.

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