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The Glowt CEO to Build Vagina-Shaped Rocket for Space Tourism Trip

Diedre Sabazios, founder and CEO of The Glowt, announced plans to go to space. “When I heard about Jeff's and Rich's trips, I knew as a fellow rich person with thousands of people working beneath me, I had to get in the mix too.”

Ms. Sabazios is working with her new-found aerospace technology program, SixSixSix Technologies. “When I announced my plans to all of the interns at The Glowt, they were so happy to make this possible for me. And totally fine with me cutting out lunch breaks and health insurance. They know how important this is to me.”

SixSixSix Technologies will complete the rocket, shaped very obviously like a vagina, in 2036. The rocket will cost $800 million to build. “I thought the vagina, specifically my vagina, would be the perfect model to take me to space. I’ll be staying in the main cabin, or the clit.”


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