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These Boots Are Made for Walking Back to My Boyfriend and Begging His Forgiveness

I'm an idiot. I told my boyfriend that I didn't like it when he looked at other women and howled, "Awoo" at them like some kind of cartoon wolf. He told me I was too clingy and that I had no right to tell him how to act.

After spending the day with my group of friends who all said I should run from him, I realized that I wasn't going to listen to them. He clearly is a great guy; he just bought me new lingerie so I can look like a school girl when we have sex. That is so sweet.

And so today I am putting on my boots and walking (well, first driving to his place, then walking) straight up to him and saying I'm sorry for having these ridiculous feelings of jealousy. It's clear he only wants me, no matter how many girls he ogles.

Update: It has come to my attention that my boyfriend has started a new relationship in the short span of one day since our fight. I cried and cried when he told me I had to leave. And so I walked back to the car in my boots that I bought half-price at Kohl's. My only consolation is that his new girlfriend said she liked my boots as I walked away. I'm not sure if she was being sarcastic or not.


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