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Three Celebrities Who Are #FashionGoals and Also Aliens from Planet Kepler-22b

Whether it's on the silver screen, the red carpet or the green gaseous clouds of Planet Kepler-22b, these celebrities are serving some serious #looks. Check out the famous icons who know how to pair a pant with a blouse and also fled their planet just before it was overtaken by a race of other aliens called the Nords.

Katy Perry

She can wear a cupcake like no other, but did you also know Katy Perry was a court jester for the duchess of the kingdom of Juru? Katy narrowly escaped with her life after she made one too many annoying faces and the duchess demanded her head be chopped off. Luckily people here on Earth enjoy her dumb facial expressions and even more obnoxious fashion decisions!

Ellen Degeneres

A peasant of the Kilorue Bog, Ms. Degeneres always knows how to wear a hip blazer while making her staff feel insignificant and small. She left Kepler-22b when her father discovered she had failed to provide a sacrifice to the dog-like god creature Armki and banished her from the planet. To think she left another planet millions of lightyears away to start something like Ellen, a true cultural masterpiece to the Earth! #LifeGoals!

Kendall Jenner

This beautiful bitch left her city of Loy after she ate a bad batch of mushrooms and decided to be a model on Earth. Well, good thing she did, otherwise the mountain people on the outskirts of the city would have come and taken her to the ditch for their annual Cleansing of the Fools celebration. We're so happy she's here on Earth instead, gracing us with her alien good looks and total obliviousness to poverty.


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