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Three Early 2000s Fashion Trends that Will Bring Back Your Middle School Insecurities

The early 2000s are back, and so is your debilitating social anxiety from middle school. Here are three fashion trends that will undoubtedly send you spiraling into a deep depression.

Butterfly Clips

Remember when Stacy accused you of copying her hairstyle? You told her it wasn't true, that you saw it on TRL. You spent the rest of the afternoon crying in the girls' bathroom while listening to B*Witched on your Walkman.

Wide Leg Jeans

You were so excited to go back to school shopping with your mom and came home to show off your new clothes to your dad. He told you, "Why'd you get those jeans? You look like a whale in them." Again, you raced to the bathroom and sobbed. You never wore those jeans again.

Bucket Hats

Your best friend Mia asked you to meet her at the mall one Saturday afternoon. You couldn't find her. You wandered around the food court and saw your crush making out with a girl with a bucket hat on. As you came closer you saw her face. It was Mia. You were devastated. Yet again, you headed to the bathroom for a good cry. What's with you and bathrooms, anyway?


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