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Three Exercises to Exorcise the Demon Living Inside You

You feel a burst of hot pain beneath your chest. You run for your crucifix. The pain subsides. But what do you do when you don't have your trusty rosary or holy water by your side? Try these three exercises to send the demon living inside you back to hell.

Jumping Jacks

A demon hates nothing more than gleeful leaps into the air. It will howl in displeasure and creep back into the nether reaches of your mind.


Ouch! I mean, who on earth likes these? The demon will not. It will hope that you're finished when you're at your 20th rep, but no, keep going. You'll get a killer set of abs and also hopefully piss the demon off.


That burning sensation in your thighs will keep the demon longing for the days it possessed that obese lady from My 600 Pound Life. Not today, Satan! Today you are with one fit bitch and she doesn't quit.


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